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Four Wall Freedom

by Ruined Families

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Modern Man 02:09
You don't walk alone these roads. You got your shame for company. And i can see you getting stoned to the smell of bridges burning, dancing to the sound of bones breaking, lovelessly fucking till you go to the office in the morning. Feel loved for every hit your parents gave you. A blanket of guilt to keep you warm at night. We struggle to live before we leave just not in the right way.
This life kept the best for me in its end. My decision falling off an open window was worth it. My last wish was fulfilled as i crashed on cold concrete and watched the distressed crowd gather around me. Ecstasy through starving eyes. For once, the one that never felt wanted is now the center of attention.
Dirty old bastards starving for warmth. A wreath of smoke embraces the room. Sick and alone. Naked as born. No future holds when growing old. Losing faith in a world that doesn't care anymore. We won't buy the souls you sold. Orphans sing the abandonment blues. Widows mourn in the evening news. We're the high on low generation. We won't buy the souls you sold. Bring us back the days of gold. Yet you look so beautiful under your wounds and we never asked for perfection. The kids of our days dream of other decades. The nights of our waste were predicted as nightmares. Remember to forget the best days.
Visual Pain 02:43
That mirror broke seven years ago Isn't this the choice you've been looking for? Shoulders dropped. Fingers crossed. You get wet with domestic pain. Connection lost with the world and you, You know the plot. Yet you deny it all. You only talk to the waitress, because, she talks to you first. I can connect to your hunger. Spending days in negative space. You visualize the pain. You want it all, but, you don't get anything. You visualize the pain. We vizualize the pain.
Holy Weight 01:49
I walk past liquor stores and churches, yet they offer me the same. Cheap amusement for the senses. A little further to ex-lovers. A little closer to the end. I'm left with long-time friends. Black coffee and self hatred. Abused by the unknown. Only amused in my four wall freedom. Give up on me while you are young, this is all i got to know from god.
Bad education prevails. Puke and piss to build the foundation. You worship tongues, while i practice death for the day he finds me. My catatonic sex toy devote your ego to me. There's no god watching us. In every face i meet misery. Give me a womb to die in and get reborn again.
Seasons 00:47
How can i still be here waiting? Winter. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Love never met me in the meantime. Winter again.
Patriarchy 03:49
Inside these walls of absence we are digging our holes. Growing up in houses that never were our homes. The house my father built is killing my inner will. Inherited the name, but, never got any grace. The doormat says "Stay Away" and i keep it this way. Hold on to me. One day there will be. A place for us. A place called home. Slap on the cheek, a nice way to treat. No goodnight kiss. Just privacy please. We defined ourselves to what we hate. Whatever shines is gold when you got nothing at all.


released July 20, 2010


all rights reserved



Ruined Families Αθήνα, Greece

Futurist Hardcore

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